Why Install A System?


There are many reasons why a person should choose renewable energy today.


1) Convenience - If you have a building that is situated far from an existing power supply, you have “off grid” options that are comparable to the cost of running power from the Grid.


2) Lower your footprint - Using natural resources to supply your power needs can help lower your environmental footprint because your consumption is far less than those using traditional sources.


3) Dependability – When your area experiences a power outage due to weather or other events, you can remain comfortable while having your energy needs met.


4) Savings – Compared to traditional energy sources (The Grid) the cost of the initial renewable source set up is a smart investment; also, savings are exponential as traditional energy sources continue to increase.


5) Flexibility – There are several renewable source options available ranging from complete Off Grid systems, to integrated systems including “Net Metering” which is a partnership between you and your local Power Commission.



Common Renewable Energy Sources



Solar is the quietest, most reliable, and nearly hassle free option today.  Solar power has been used for many years and for good reason, it works.  If you have sufficient south facing square footage on your property, solar panels are a smart choice.

Solar panels provide a 25 year life expectancy making them a solid investment.  Solar panels are very durable and can handle severe weather; ideal for hot or cold climates.  They are set up with digital electronic control technology (power inverters) so that you have a steady power supply.  This is one of the most convenient and reliable systems available as you can confidently set this system up and forget about it.



The ideal location for a wind (turbine) system is an area that experiences foggy and continual windy conditions; like coastal areas.  The bonus with wind energy is that you can harvest power 24 hours a day with the right weather conditions.

Wind energy does have a few challenges, for example: Wind systems are more complicated to install as they require concrete footings and guide wires; which require more ground space.  You may also have building restrictions (covenants) to contend with.  Also, wind turbine systems have moving parts that can wear over time so part replacements are sometimes required.



The main benefits to choosing a water system is that they are super quiet and very reliable.  This is a great option for those whose property provides a substantial water source.


Water systems are usually considered a last option.  These systems are generally the most expensive to set up because they require special permits to redirect water and, digging and burying of pipes.   Water systems require a substantial source of water flow.  These systems also require ongoing maintenance to the machinery and regular cleaning of debris that enters by the flowing water.


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