Monitoring Systems


Here are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about installing a system in your home or business.


Epic Energy uses the newest proven equipment available; we are not tied to any particular brand.  This means we can choose the very best system for your needs without the need to push a particular product.


We have experience in the design AND installation for many different types of systems accommodating many different needs.


We can set up a monitoring system that will allow you to check your home power status wherever you are on the globe!  This is an option provided to you when you have a system designed by Epic Energy.


We supply automatic generator start-ups also.


Net Metering System

The information you will receive when you choose to monitor a Net Metering System is a visual reading of how much power you are storing, using and buying.


Off Grid System

If you are monitoring an Off Grid system, your set up will allow you to see your power usage, precisely how much your alternative power is producing, what power is currently available (voltage reading) in storage (batteries) AND whether your generator has been running and how long.



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What Our Clients Are Saying:


"I would like to express my appreciation to the folks at Epicenergy for the outstanding service they have provided. When I decided to build a vacation home on the family property, it became apparent that many obstacles would have to be overcome, not the least of which would be power supply. The building site was "Off-Grid", and NB Power gave a rather substantial sum as a quote for providing power to the site.....with the promise of monthly charges for providing me with a consumption bill every month...."


Craig Smith

Colors and Comfort Company

Mudau, Germany

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