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In 1977, Epic Energy President, Richard Knappe read a book on passive solar energy.  This sparked a lifelong passion for the pursuit of the efficient use of alternative energy.  Richard designed and then built a scale model of a home based on the principles he learned from this book in order to personally test the theories.  To his delight, everything worked exactly as the book had suggested.


A few years later, Richard and his wife decided to build that exact home.  Once the windows and insulation were in, it was obvious the home would take very little to heat, even in Atlantic Canadian winters!


Richard expected 1000’s of people to take advantage of this free energy, but, was surprised to know that very few did.  When Richard started his construction company in 1993, he urged home owners and builders to consider solar energy because he knew first hand of the benefits.


Over the years other sources were tested and integrated into his home and he became known locally for his passion for renewable energy.   As energy costs increased, people have become more interested in harnessing renewable sources for their needs.

Epic Energy exists to help people and businesses in our communities, harness and enjoy, the full benefits of the Sun, Wind, and of Water.


Epic Energy uses the newest proven equipment available, we are not tied to any particular brands.  We have experience in design and installation for many types of systems and can accommodate your needs.


When Epic Energy designs a system for your needs, we also set up monitoring systems, as an option, so that you can check your home power status wherever you are globally.

Finally, we also supply automatic generator start-ups.



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“I have been taking full advantage of solar, wind, and water energy for many years!  The sun can power almost anything we need, and the return on investment is exponential as energy costs increase.


If you are building or want to incorporate renewable energy into your home, contact me.  This is my passion; let me help you experience the savings I have experienced over the years.”


Richard Knappe, President of Epic Energy

What Our Clients Are Saying:


"I would like to express my appreciation to the folks at Epicenergy for the outstanding service they have provided. When I decided to build a vacation home on the family property, it became apparent that many obstacles would have to be overcome, not the least of which would be power supply. The building site was "Off-Grid", and NB Power gave a rather substantial sum as a quote for providing power to the site.....with the promise of monthly charges for providing me with a consumption bill every month...."


Craig Smith

Colors and Comfort Company

Mudau, Germany

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